Kyooz Queue Management System

Queue Management System
for long lines & walk-ins at physical locations

Make Long Lines
Customer Friendly

Give your visitors a peace of mind as soon as they walk through the front door by setting their expectations appropriately. Kyooz system allows your business to greet each visitor when they enter your establishment and capture any relevant information needed for their visit.

When visitors are waiting in a queue a friendly reminder will give them a peace of mind. Visitors can be informed about the wait time before they are served, what position they are in the queue, which representative will be serving them and much more.

Staff can easily serve visitors by noting down any comments, follow up information or resolutions during a customer visit ensuring their next visit will be even more personable.

Solution

Automate service flow by giving visitors the option to sign-in when they arrive and be placed in the appropriate queue automatically.

Save employee time and increase work efficiency by letting visitors enter all the relevant information upon arrival or at the time of their choosing. Employees can carry on their tasks while automatically getting all the relevant information needed to provide the best customer service.

  • * Wireless
    Setup without any wires or cables
  • * Customizable
    Customize the look and feel of your entry points
  • * Unlimited Hotspots
    Setup as many entry hotspots as you need


Eliminate visitor frustration with well-placed informational displays.

Your visitor’s time is valuable. You can let each of them know what to do next, how long the wait will take and the moment their turn is next with kyooz connected displays.


Works with any SMART TV, signage player or PC.


Can be connected to as many displays as needed.


Can use sound or visual effects to call attention.

Provide Precision
Customer Service

Let your employees focus on providing best customer service by letting kyooz provide the reason for customer’s visit.

Quickly take down notes during each customer visit, create memos for the future and save any relevant information for the next visit. Save emails, phone numbers and any other relevant data easily with kyooz dashboard.

Notify Visitors
Via Text Message

Send automatic SMS text reminders to signed in visitors informing them of how long the wait is and when their turn is next.

With Kyooz automatic text reminders your visitors are free to shop around until their turn is next. This can make for a much more pleasant customer experience as well as increase sales and service efficiency.

Save Time
Improve Efficiency
No Training Required
Use With Any TV
Unlimited Setups
Create Your Own Queue No commitments. 30 Day Trial. No credit card required