How to Create a Multi Screen Layout

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How to create a multi-screen layout:
1) In your user interface, select Layout Designs in your Menu.
2) Click Create a Layout.

3) In the Details section, set up a name for your layout.
4) In Player Resolution, select Custom using the dropdown arrow provided. For the dimensions, enter in 1920 x 1080.
Determine how many screens you would like to display. Multiply 1920 by your number of screens. For example, if you have a three screen digital menu board, type in 5760 x 1080.

5) If you would like for your video wall to be four screens and square shaped, you must multiply each dimension by two. For instance, 1920 x 2 and 1080 x 2. 
6) When you finished entering in the correct calculations, make sure to checkmark the box adjacent to Multiscreen.
7) Include a Background or Overlay if you wish.
8) Click Save when you are done.
9) Based off of the information you entered in Create a New Player Layout, you should be able to view your preview screen to the right.
The preview screen will resemble your video wall. For example, if you have a three screen digital menu board, you should be able to view a long horizontal preview screen to your right.
10) Go to add a new box and select a section (Main Media, Side Banner, etc.). Select Add.
11) The boxes you created will show up under Existing Boxes.
12)  In the width and height section, enter in 1920 x 1080 for each screen displayed on your wall.
13) You may adjust your sections by using your mouse, or you may manually input numbers in the “Left” field.
14) If you are manually entering in an amount in the “Left” field, you will need to make sure your boxes are accurately spaced.
Make sure the second box (e.g. second screen) you created is one pixel off. For example, under the “Left” section, the second box should state “1921” and not “1920”. This will accurately move your box alongside your first box without any overlapping. 
15) Now, if you have a third screen, you will need to add 1921 with 1920 and enter in that amount in the third “Left” field.
16) Click “Update All” when you are finished.

17) You may modify each screen based on how you would like for your video wall to be displayed.

Six or Nine Screen Layout:

1) Setting up a 6-9 screen video wall is similar to creating a three screen video wall. You must first locate the Player Resolution. Keep the Player Resolution as Custom.
Multiply both 1920 and 1080 by the number of screens that stretch across and downward. For example, if you want a nine screen video wall, you will need to multiply 1920 x 3 and 1080 x 3 to get the dimension size 5760 x 3240. Enter these dimensions in the fields adjacent to Custom.

2) Make sure you click Save.
3) You will be able to view your preview screen which will resemble a six or nine screen video wall in black.
4) In add a new box, select a section and enter in the width and height which is 1920 x 1080. This should be entered for each box you are creating. Click the Add button to move it over to the Existing Boxes.
5) Creating a six to nine screen video wall is slightly different than creating a three screen video wall. In order to move your screens underneath the original three you created, you will need to enter in values in the “Top” field. The “Top” field will contain the value “1081” which is one pixel off from 1080.
6) The values entered in the “Left” field will be the same used for the top three boxes. For example, to move your box over to the left side, enter in the value “0”.
The middle box alongside it will contain the value “1921”, and the box at the far right side will contain the value “3841”.
7) If you want to move boxes underneath the six boxes you just created to make a nine screen video wall, the “Top” field will contain a different value.
You must add 1080 with 1081 in order to get the sum value, “2161”.
This sum value will be entered into the “Top” field. As mentioned before, use the values, “0”, “1921”, and “3841” for the “Left” field.

8) You may customize your screens to display whatever you need to reach your audience.
9) Make sure you click Update All when you are done.