How to Create a Net Display in a Location

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Click the name of the location you just created. If you have created more
than one location already, Click the location you would like to add a display

Digital Signage Software


Digital Signage Software new display

NAME: Enter display name. When choosing a display name, make sure it relates clearly and directly to the way or place the display will be used (i.e. “Kitchen”, “Lobby”, “Employees”). This will make creating Display Groups
and updating displays much easier in the future.

PASSWORD: Enter the UCView player password displayed on your monitor when you first installed the player (the number you wrote down at the end Chapter 2). Enter it exactly as shown on the display screen, including the colons. See example below.

Note: The actual numbers will be unique on every player and Wi Fi card you
add to the network.

STATUS: Select ACTIVE. The status should always be set to active. INACTIVE
is used when you wish to temporarily remove a display from service and
should generally not be used.

HARDWARE: The default setting is BASIC PLAYER, which should be used unless your system has a TV tuner card or external USB TV Tuner device. If you are using one of these:

Select the card or device from the HARDWARE drop down list. If you do not see your device on the list, please call UCView Technical Support for assistance. The UCView System accepts most TV tuner cards and devices.

INTERACTIVE DISPLAY: Click the check box if this display is being used with touch screen or cellular phone interaction capabilities.

MASTER VOLUME: Enter the volume level from 0-100 for this display. The default setting is “90.”

USE CLIENT: The default is LATEST VERSION. We recommend you use this option. Please contact UCView Technical Support if you need to use a different version of the Client.

LAYOUT: Select a layout from the drop down list or any custom layout you have created and uploaded to the UCView Digital Signage Server. You must select a layout to set up a display. An error message will display if a
layout is not selected. Please see CREATE AND MANAGE LAYOUTS section to learn how to upload your own layouts.

Note..If you do not have a layout, select Default layout for now. Once you have your layouts uploaded, return to this section and follow the LAYOUT step to add it to your display.

AUTOMATICALLY RESTART DISPLAYS: Choosing this option will restart this player only and overrides the Location setting. In most circumstances we recommend using the Location setting. If you should need to start a display at a different time than the Location setting::
Select EVERY from the drop down list.
Enter the number of hours between automatic restarts.
HOURS: Enter the number of hours BETWEEN automatic start ups. The default setting is AT ANY TIME. To restart the system during non-peak hours (or any time that you like), Select ONLY BETWEEN: from the drop down list and enter the range of hours in the accompanying boxes.

Demographic information added by location owners in these fields provides estimated statistical information to advertisers regarding ad exposure to targeted audiences.

• Estimated Foot Traffic - Enter the estimated foot traffic at this location.
• Age Group - Enter the dominant age group (in years) for this location.
• Predominant Ethnic Group - Enter the predominant ethnic group for
this location.
• Screen Size - Enter the size (in inches) of this display.
• Household Income - Enter the estimated household income for the
average customer at this location.
The DIAGNOSTIC TAB also appears on this page, under the SAVE and
CANCEL buttons. The UCView Digital Media Player sends self-diagnostic
information for display to these fields. The user does not need to enter any
information in these fields.
Click the SAVE button.