How to Create a New Ad

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CREATING a NEW AD (within a campaign)

The UCView System allows you to distribute different types of content (such as advertisements, public service announcements, promotions, viewer in- 22 instructions, etc.) in different areas of your layout across one or more locations.

To create a new ad:


Click the underlined campaign name you want add a new ad to. Do not click the check box next to the campaign name.

Digital Signage software campaigns

The CAMPAIGN AD module will open on the screen.

Digital Signage software campaigns


UCView Ad System can support multiple media formats. You can upload content such as video, Flash Media files, PowerPoint presentations, GIF images, JPEG images, a web site, text messages, RSS feeds and more.

Digital signage software create new ad

NAME: Specify an ad name.

INTERACTIVE: Select one of the interactive modes from the drop down list.
• NORMAL - no interactivity.
• INFOCELL - cell phone interactivity.
• TOUCH - touch screen interactivity.

ADVERTISER: Select the advertiser from the drop down list to associate with this ad. If you do not see the advertiser on the drop down list you can add it using the ADVERTISER link, under the MANAGEMENT section on the left side of the page. Associating an advertiser to an ad allows you to better organize advertisers to the campaign(s) that contain their ads. You can then create reports for them. See Chapter 7 “REPORTS” for more information regarding running reports.

SECTION: Select the section in the layout the ad will play in. Once selected, the section will turn white. If you choose a section that is not on your layout, the default section (Alert) will remain white.

FULL SCREEN: Check the FULL SCREEN box to activate full screen mode. To assign and control scheduling of content that plays in full screen mode, you must allow Full Screen mode for all ads and all displays that will play the ads. Please see DISPLAY LAYOUT module to set Full Screen mode.

DURATION: Multiple ads play in timed loops one after the other. Enter the duration the new ad will play before the next ad in the loop begins.

Note: It is usually best to set the duration to the length of the ad. If your ad is 30 seconds long and you set the duration to 60 seconds, the display will show nothing for 30 seconds before the next ad plays.

VOLUME: Enter the playback volume of the ad’s audio (if any). 100 is loudest. The playback volume of the display itself is controlled in the DISPLAY module and will affect the overall volume of all ads campaigned on the

MEDIA: Select the ad’s media type from the drop down list:

FILE: To upload your ad file, Select the source of the ad from the SOURCE menu:
YOUR COMPUTER. Select this option to upload ads located on your computer. To locate the file on your computer:
Click the BROWSE button.
Select the file in the Upload File pop-up window,
Click the OPEN button. The link to the file will display in the
LOCAL FILE text box.

OUR FTP SERVER. Select this option for files you have already uploaded to the UCView FTP Server. Please contact your sales representative to use the UCView FTP Server.
Select one of your previously uploaded ads from the FTP File
drop down list.

REMOTE FTP SERVER. Select this option to retrieve files on a remote FTP server.
Remote FTP Server. Enter the URL of the remote FTP server.
Remote FTP Username. Enter your username to access the
remote FTP server.
Remote FTP Password. Enter your password.
Download INTERVAL. Select either ONCE or EVERY TIME
THE FILE CHANGES from the drop down list. The UCView
system scans the remote FTP server every 15 minutes to look for
changes to the file.