How to add overlay to your layout

Category:UCView Concepts And Architecture ->  Layouts

To add an overlay to your layout, first create a PNG file (Photoshop is able to do this) of the shape(s) you would like to use:

OVERLAY: Click NEW from the drop down menu.

Click BROWSE to select the background image on your computer.

Select the desired background image from the BROWSE pop up window. The file’s location will fill the text box to the left of the BROWSE button.

Click OPEN on the Upload File pop up window.

Click SAVE.

After defining the screen resolution and uploading the background image, the UCView system will display the background image ready to lay multiple sections on top of.

Now you need to define the screen division within the layout. You should divide your screen into the number of sections needed for the various content you will display. UCView recommends you discuss your needs with your
customer support representative prior to creating your layout.

Note: Call your UCView Digital Signage customer support representative for assistance in designing your screens.