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Virtual Digital Signage Server

View Edge Virtual Digital Signage Server

Virtual Foundation for digital signage network

Virtual Digital Signage server

ViewEdge Virtual Server Overview

Digital signage virtual servers are quickly becoming the standard platform of choice. Corporations are making the shift from physical servers and locally-installed content management applications to virtualization technologies; such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, XEN, and Citrix. Implementing the UCView ViewEdge virtual server application in a virtualization environment enables customers to lower capital and operational costs of their digital signage network operation.

The Benefits of Using a ViewEdge Virtual Signage Server

Virtualizing digital signage servers enable better management of your resources. Virtual digital signage servers allows users to do more with less hardware. Fewer digital signage servers are needed to get the same player and signage network capacity. This allows for you to significantly save money on hardware. Switching to a ViewEdge virtual server solution can reduce operating costs as well as maintain a high-volume digital signage service.

ViewEdge Virtual Implementation

The ViewEdge virtual digital signage server can be implemented in a virtualization environment by using VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, XEN, and Citrix. The virtualization software can be configured automatically to relocate the digital signage server from one host to another. UCView’s digital signage software applications are able to be deployed rapidly.


In general, a centralized digital signage server can provide significant benefits for your enterprise:

Key Benefits

The ViewEdge virtual server provides industry-leading management and performance, which is engineered to excel in digital content management environments. This server is ideal for growing businesses and large deployment sites, which require continuous accessibility and uptime.

Administration and End User System Features

  • Web-based interface
  • Console for IP management
  • User account administration
  • Reports and statistics
  • Remote display management
  • Display failure notification
  • Secure remote administration
  • Full user security module
  • Maximum flexibility

End Users

  • Web-based interface
  • Full campaign and ad management
  • Reports and statistics
  • Standard technical support
  • Appliance monitoring


UCView subscription updates provide you with peace of mind while installing and running your digital signage server. Along with additional training and design support, Subscription Updates are included free of charge for the first year of your contract and is renewable thereafter for a small fee.

If you host your own narrowcasting signage network, you can avoid accumulating monthly fees as well as increase throughput speed by minimizing your bandwidth irregularities.