Digital Signage Servers

Digital Signage servers

Take Control of Your Displays


Windows based digital signage server option


Linux based digital signage server option


Various physical appliance servers available for multiple network sizes.


Digital signage server can be implemented in a virtualization environment by using VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, and XEN.

ViewEdge Servers

Our ViewEdge digital signage servers have set the industry standard for simplifying network operations, providing cost-effective performance and delivering state-of-the-art content distribution solutions.

The ViewEdge series feature four classes that cover networks of all sizes, enabling you to get all of your digital signage needs from a single vendor.

Whether you own a private network with a few display or an enterprise-class network with thousands of displays, UCView media has the digital signage server to fit your business and budget needs.

ViewEdge 10

The ViewEdge 10 gives you complete control of up to twenty digital signage players. You can micro-manage each location, delegate authorities and update any aspect of your network from one location. Powered by the robust UCView system, this server appliance will.....

ViewEdge 100

The ViewEdge 100 digital signage server is capable of player control from 100-250 units, perfect for a mid-sized single location installation or multiple small location installations. The same ease of operation as the ViewEdge 10 server, plus increased video capabilities and faster.....

ViewEdge 500

The ViewEdge 500 digital signage server increases player control up to 750 units, perfect for growing a national digital signage network. This class features the same ease of operation as the ViewEdge 100, as well as advanced video capabilities and faster throughput of data.....

ViewEdge 1000

The ViewEdge 1000 digital signage server offers even more power, more control, and more efficiency. This enterprise-class digital signage server redefines power and flexibility for digital signage network administrators. Engineered for large-scale digital signage.....

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Enjoy Full Control

  • Host on your own signage server hardware.
  • Extreme customization.
  • Active Directory LDAP Integration.
  • Perpetual server license: one-time purchase.
  • Complete application control.
  • Full security and control.
  • Players do not require internet access.
  • Internal file delivery.
  • Fine-tune network optimization.