Virtual Digital Signage Server

ViewEdge | Virtual Server

Set up your digital signage network with our virtual server software

Unbeatable Features

Digital signage software that offers complete flexibility and control over displays and content.

High Level Control

One ViewEdge virtual media server can control over a thousand digital signage players, which can operate from anywhere in the world.

Easy To Maintain

Self-contained hardware and software solution that minimizes maintenance and serpentine installation/administration issues.


Cluster multiple server appliances to increase capacity and availability. Installing additional units is as simple as installing the first one.

Web-based Administration

Manage campaigns, content, layouts and displays using any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world.


Unlike software-only solutions, the UCView Digital Signage Network increases system performance by centralizing the process and management to multi-user enterprise environments.

Adaptive Scheduling

Schedule content delivery on the fly or weeks in advance and have the option to use advanced scheduling features suchs as dayparting.

ViewEdge Virtual Server Implementation

Virtual digital signage servers allow users to do more with less hardware.

The digital signage server can be implemented in a virtualization environment by using VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, and XEN. The virtualization software can be configured automatically to relocate the digital signage server from one host to another. UCView’s digital signage software applications are able to be deployed rapidly.

Virtual Server Minimum Recommended Requirements:
2 Core CPU | 60GB SSD | 4GB RAM

High Quality Support

UCView subscription updates provide you with a peace of mind while installing and running your digital signage server. Along with additional training and design support, subscription updates are included free of charge for the first year of your contract and is renewable thereafter for a small fee.

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System Features


  • Web-based interface
  • Console for IP management
  • User account administration
  • Reports and statistics
  • Remote display management
  • Display failure notification
  • Secure remote administration
  • Full user security module
  • Maximum flexibility

    End Users

  • Full campaign and ad management
  • Reports and statistics
  • Standard technical support
  • Appliance monitoring